Monday, 6 February 2017

Hopscotch do Growth Mindset!

P2B - Victorian Schools

We have just started our Victorian School topic which was prompted by a visit to the attic where we found a child's suitcase from over 100 years ago! We decided the best way to learn about the history of our school would be by asking Mr Scott if he would take us on a school tour. He took us into Mrs Noble's office, the boiler room, the attic and into the swimming pool area - Mr Scott told us lots of interesting facts about Sciennes Primary School. Thank you Mr Scott!

P2B - Visit Joan Eardley Exhibition

We loved our trip to the National Art Gallery where we enjoyed our tour around the Joan Eardley exhibition. We discussed some of her most famous paintings and asked wonderful questions. We have been creating our own Joan Eardley inspired art work in class.

P2B - Super Sewing!

Thank you to all family members who came to help us with our sewing!

P2B - ABC Music

We enjoyed a session with ABC Music.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Introduction to The Victorian School topic

Primary 2 are now learning about The Victorians and what it was like to be at school in that era. We started off our topic by looking at a timeline of events, the children were able to grasp an understanding of how long ago this was. Tomorrow we are having a tour of our own school. This will give us a great 'behind the scenes' view of our own Victorian School.

Monday, 21 November 2016

P2B - Lego Lane

To conclude our Street project we all shared our wonderful garden and park models with the class. They were fantastic and very well thought out! Thank you parents for supporting your child whilst planning and constructing their creations! We enjoyed our traditional street party as a final farewell to Lego Lane!