Friday, 19 May 2017

P2 Outdoor Learning!

This Wednesday we planned a topic filled curriculum day. Mrs Campbell took music lessons surrounding the sounds of the sea, Mrs Dickson taught us all about labelling a rockpool and Ms Gladstone took maths outside where we enjoyed comparing the sizes of different sea creatures!

P2B - Fidget Spinner Maths

We put our fidget spinners to a good use yesterday and created adding games that we could use them for.

P2B - Swimathon Medals!

Well done to all the chidlren who took part in the Swimathon this year. What fantastic swimming and super effort by all!

P2B - Relax Kids Session

We loved our Relax Kids session with Mrs Shehan, the weather was so nice that we decided to take our learning outside!

P2B Potato planting in the Meadows!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

P2B - Potato Chitting!

We have been learning about potato chitting so we can plant some in the Meadows garden next term.
'Mrs Potato' and P1 Aiden's mum came in to tell us about our Robinta potatoes!

P2B - Red Nose Day Helpers!

Maciej enjoyed being a helper on stage for Mrs Anstruther during our Red Nose Day Assembly. The class voted for Zoe to share her funny joke on stage.

P2B - RME and Outdoor Learning

We enjoyed learning about Hinduism with Mrs Dickson. We talked about the Holi festival then went outside to create our own colourful designs in the playground.